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I. Name

The name of this organization is the Polish-American Club of Alaska, Inc. It shall be administered as a non-profit organization.


II. Objectives. The objectives of this organization are twofold:

A. To socially bring together the people of Alaska on the basis of a common interest in Polish heritage.

B. To encourage and promote an awareness and understanding of historical and contemporary Poland in the Alaska public and particularly among people of Polish descent.


III. Members and Dues

Membership shall be available to any individual who subscribes to the objectives of this organization. Polish nationality or descent shall not be a requirement for membership.

Membership shall enable an individual to participate in all Programs and social functions or the organization, to participate in and vote at business meeting and to serve in any of its elective or appointive positions.

Dues for membership shall be $25.00 for singles and $ 35.00 for family*. Such dues shall be paid annually on September 1. All membership shall expire August 31 of each year.


IV. Officers

A. Only members of the organization shall be eligible to serve in any elective or appointive position

B. Officers and their election.

1.The officers of this organization shall consist of a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer and a program director.

2. Officers shall be elected by the general membership every 2 years in May at the business (monthly) meeting or at the summer picnic in June or July.

3. Officers shall assume their official duties following the election and shall serve for a two (2) years, or until their successors are elected.

4. A vacancy in the office of president shall be filled by the vice-president.If for any reason it cannot be filled by vice-president or if he chooses not to serve as president, it shall be filled for the remaining term by a person elected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors**. A vacancy which occurs in any other office shall be filled for the remaining term by a person elected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


C. Duties of officers

1. The president shall preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Board of Directors as Chairman of the Board, shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed in these By-laws or assigned by the organization in order that the objectives may be promoted.

2. The vice-president shall act as aid to the president and shall perform the duties of the president in the absence or disability of the officer to act, and shall perform other duties as may be delegated.

3. The secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the organization and the Board of Directors shall the care of all correspondence and shall perform such duties as may be delegated.

4. The treasurer shall have custody and keep a full and accurate account of all the funds of the organization, shall make disbursements as authorized by the Board of Directors, shall present a financial statement at each meeting of the Board of Directors, and shall make a full report at the meeting at which the new officers officially assume their duties.

5. The program director shall coordinate and plan the monthly programs and presentation and any other social, educational and cultural endeavors of the organization. The program director is authorized to appoint such additional individuals as he deems necessary to carry out the function of this office.


V. Board of Directors.


A.Membership. The Board of Directors shall consist of all elective officers, the immediate past president and three (3) members elected at large.

B. Election of members at large. Members at large shall be elected by the general membership every two years in the month of May or at the summer picnic.

C. Duties. The duties of the Board of Directors shall be:

1. To take full direction of the affairs of the organization between general membership meetings.

2. To implement the objectives of the organization by outlining yearly goals and programs.

3. To prepare an annual financial budget.

4. To report at general membership meetings on the activities of the Board of Directors.


D. Meetings. The Board of Directors shall meet at least quarterly for business meeting and at such other times as shall be deemed necessary. The times and places of such meetings shall be designated by the chairman.

E. Quorum. To conduct the business of the Board of Directors, at least five (5) board members must be present.


VI. Nominating Committee.

A. There shall be an election committee of three (3) members who shall be appointed by the Board of Directors at its March or April meeting. The committee shall elect its own chairman who shall also serve as election spokesperson at the time that the election is held.

B. The election committee shall nominate from the membership individuals for each office to be filled and shall report its nominee at the regular business meeting in April or May. Additional nominations may be made from the floor prior to the election.

C. Only those persons who have signified their consent to serve if elected shall be accepted as nominees or elected to office.


VII. General Membership Meetings.

A. The meetings of the organization shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month from September through May at such place as may be designated by the Board of Directors.

B. The business of the organization shall be conducted in accordance with the rules or procedure established by the presiding officer.


VIII. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of this organization shall begin on September 1 each year and shall end on August 31st.


IX. Committees.

A. The Board of Directors may create such committees as it may deem necessary to carry out the work and objectives of the organization.

B. Committee chairmen shall coordinate their activities with the Board of Directors.

C. Since a committee is created for a specific purpose, it shall automatically cease to exist when its work is done and its final report is received and approved by the Board of Directors.

D. The president shall be a member ex officio of all committee except the nominating committee.


X. Amendments

 These By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the organization by two-thirds (2/3) of the club members present, providing that the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing to the organization and read at the previous meeting.


XI. Dissolution. In the event of the dissolution of this organization any funds remaining in the treasury shall be disbursed to the Kosciuszko Foundation, 15 East 65th Street, New York, 10021.


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