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Meet your Board of Directors

September 2023 - August 2025

Barbara Niziol
Vice President

Barbara has been involved with the Club since 1979. She served as the Club President for many years, most recently 2015-2023. She also served as Secretary, Children’s Program Director, the White Eagle Editor and a Polish folk dance instructor. Barbara loves traveling, hiking, gardening, mushroom hunting, and spending time with her family and friends. 


Magdalena moved to Alaska in 2002 from Walbrzych, Poland. She has been involved in the club since 2005. In 2011 Magdalena became the club's treasurer. She loves engineering, swimming and spending time with her family. 

Children's Program Director 
Katarzyna Drzal 

Kasia was born and raised in Poland, but prior to moving to Alaska she lived in Belgium. She moved to Anchorage in 2017 and became involved with the club shortly after. Before becoming the club's Secretary Kasia served as the Clubs Newsletter Editor. In fall of 2023 Kasia started weekly Polish language Lessons for kids. Kasia enjoys sailing and cuisines from around the world. 

Program Director
Kamila Gaston

Kamila moved to Alaska in 2010 from Radom, Poland. She became a member in 2018. in 2023 Kamila became the club's Program Director. Kamily enjoys working with kids and organizing workshops which promote Polish culture. Kamila likes the outdoors, fishing, camping and cooking. She has her own coop with hens and during the summer she grows veggies in ther garden. 

Immediate Past President
Alan Kurczynski
Board Member
Wanda Zakrzewski
Board Member
Mirela Zakrzewska
Board Member
Stanislaw Niziol
Website Administrator
Christine Cox
agata williams.jpg
Facebook Administrator
Agata Williams

Christine grew up in Alaska and was involved with the Polish American Club her whole life.  In her free time she enjoys photography, camping, fishing and traveling. She served as a board member for the club between 2013 and 2015 but has been involved with the Polish Club since childhood. She now serves as website administrator out of Reno, NV where she works full time as a nurse.

Newsletter Editor
Magdalena Esquibel
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